Schauspielerin, Autorin

BaroqueBitches Dans Le Cabaret

"We have privatised one of the finest Parisian Belle Epoque restaurants and You are invited to the Cambridge Christmas Dinner with music, magic and Berlin Cabaret."

19h30 to 23h30, Le Zimmer, Chatelet, Sunday 25th November 2018.

"Baroque Bitches Dans Le Cabaret" - Berlin Cabaret makes its debut in Paris!

Beguiling, bewigged and Baroque, Claudia Roick and Nicole Tschaikin, performing as the exotic Baroque Bitches, are stars of the cabaret scene in Berlin. Now, by invitation from the Cambridge Society of Paris, they are making their debut in Paris. This will be something completely different! Sopranos with the voices of angels, these are no cherubins! But Claudia and Nicole will bewitch you with their outstanding Opera Voices bringing a whole new perspective to opera, operetta and Kurt Weil.

Perfectly rendered classical and 1920s music with a twist. Wow!

Weitere Vorstellung: 31.12.2018 Schloss Ludow M-V

mit Benjamin Saupe Klavier

Claudia Roick und Nicole Tschaikin als BaroqueBitches

Text: Claudia Roick